Juul Pods for Sale


JUUL pods is an e-liquid specially designed to satisfy and give an extraordinary experience to customers. JuulPods is made thanks to a patented e-liquid formula based on a quality product which is nicotine salts (0.5%) the Juul Pods also contain propylene, glycerol and a zest of different aromas in order to 'have multiple flavors.
We do not sell Juul Pods to develop a new generation of smokers. But to satisfy our current customers who demand more and more JUUL pods. The JUUL pods device is rechargeable thanks to a usb key and has a 24h autonomy.

JUUL Compatible Pods

Juul pods compatible or Juul compatible pods as commonly refered to are small disposable vapes carts that fits in the Juul. Juul compatible pods cosists of coils, e-liquid and wick containing CBD E-juice, nicotine orb salt. With the availability of Juul Compatible pods, many Juul Official users have more options in vaping the Juul pods flavors.

JUULpods are available in several flavors. The JullPods vacuum cleaners provide an incredible sensation that does not harm your health or that of those around you. It allows you to keep a good smell even after consuming it. Discover the relaxing juul pods flavors list here.

JUULpods Cost

JuulPods pricing depends on the juulpods flavor you are buying. But most juulpods go for a $15 cost for 4-packs excluding shipping and tax cost. Juulpods comes in 3% nicotine and 5% nicotine. The 5% Juulpods have an approximation of about 0.7ml and a weight of approximately 40 mg per pod on a 59mg/ml. While a 3% Juulpod have an approximation of 0.7 ml and a weight of approximately 23mg per pod on a 35 mg/ml.

Are JUUL Pods Legal ?

JUULpods is not an illegal product. Except that in the USA certain states have rather prohibited advertising on the product, and reduced the marketing of the product. All this because of a satate report which revealed that the majority of adolescents in the USA were victims of lung damage.