Kingpen Cartridges


kingpen is a new and highly sought for thc oil cartridge presented in the e-cig market with alot of innovation. The manufacturing process accompanied by terpenes allows the Kingpen Vape to have a pleasant scent.
This is one of the reasons why it was received high rating and increase in price.

How much does Kingpen cost?

Kingpen Cartridges are been sold in 0.5ml and 1 ml cartridges. The avareage street price of kingpen rose to $30 for the 0.5 gram and $40 for the 1 gram cartridges. The price is widely acceptable by the public because of the quality in the extracted thc oil and great design of the cartridge.

Are Kingpen cartridges Real?

Due to many fake kingpen cartridges produced due to the rise in popularity in the Kingpen brand, Kingpen Official presented an online verification system where it's customers can verify the authenticity of the prodfucts. The availability of a QR code on the Kingpen Cartridge enables customers to verify they are buying the real kingpen vapes.

Kingpen Flavors

Kingpen been an award winning thc cartridge at the hightimes produces top quality thc oil and also offers a flavorful and potent experience. Browse our list of available 710 Kingpen Cartridges to pick your preffered Kingpen Flavors